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The courses have been created by Dan who has used the techniques in business to help grow his business and develop his career,

Designed For The User

Dan’s teaching methods are down to earth and in a language that is understood by the student. Any technical jargon is broken down.

LinkedIn Course How To Make Sales and Gain Work

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

The courses can be completed on your mobile and tablet device

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The courses can be completed on your laptop or desktop computer

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Easy to use and follow instructions     

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The courses are emailed to you where you can download and re-visit them again if you want to

Choose A Course For You

Choose from a selection of courses to help grow your business, provide an understanding of your business, sales and marketing and social media strategy.

How To Work Out Your Rate

The course provides information, the maths and a digital calculator on how to determine what rate your should charge your client. It provides an overview and understanding of profit, revenue, markup, margins and overheads.


Runs through costs of running your business

Piggy Bank

Understand your rates and how much profit you desire to make 


Core understanding of business


Comes with a FREE digital calculator


How To Use LinkedIn To Make Sales and Gain Work

This course is great for business owners, salesmen and women and marketing teams to utilise to gain sales through social media platform – LinkedIn. The techniques used were created by Dan which have been effective for a number of years!


Making the most out of LinkedIn


Creating a LinkedIn profile that will attract business

Customer Service

No need for time consuming cood calling… many clients come to you


Increase work revenue through social media


Spread the love!

Frequently asked questions

You will need to be able to view PDF documents on the device(s) you choose to carry out the course on. Some courses require you to be able to view and edit Microsoft Excel and Word documents.

Once you order the course and agree to the terms and conditions, we assess if you are suitable to carry out the course. If accepted, we shall email you the invoice. Once you pay the invoice, we shall email you the course.

The courses are self study. Each course comes with step by step instructions to follow. Some courses have the option to purchase additional feedback and suggestions from our team once you complete the course. If you really want the best out of the course, you can book coaching sessions directly with Dan.


I have worked with Dan on a number of projects and have found that he is very capable and competent. His work is provided at a very reasonable cost which the end product is beyond expectations.
Andrew Tapping MSyl
Fire and Security Consultant
Dan’s professional approach and understanding has helped generate additional awareness of our products and encouraged engagement from users. Thank you Dan - for taking on the challenge of creating regular industry related content and sharing it a way no one else is doing.
Stephen Beadle
Marketing Manager
I find Dan's attention to detail on both the micro and macro scales very inspiring, and his perpetual interest in training and CPD motivating. Not only does he want to be at the top of his game, he wants to bring the rest of us up with him.
Matt Searle TMIET
Electrical Contractor

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