The Compliance Workbook

The Compliance Workbook

Who are they?

The Compliance Workbook are a UK compliance and software company who provide solutions to aid compliance and asset management.

What do they do?

They have very easy to use software that  checks technical PDF documents. You upload your electrical certificate or report into the software, TCW  analyses it and can tell you if there are any defects or issues with the documents uploaded. It is an electrical QS ultimate tool which can save time.

The software can also record all the asset data from the documents providing you with a great insight into prospective maintenance.

How can they help you?

The software is industry unique and innovative. Using the tool can save time if you are processing multiple documents on a regular basis. It can also form part of your due diligence if you sub-contract any works.

Do they provide an exclusive Dans the Engineer offer?

Speak to the sales team and see what can be offered!

How do you order?

Drop them an email!

What does Dan say?

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I loved The Compliance Workbook as soon as I came across it. It is clever technology which usually gets me excited, but this product is very useful for companies who employ multiple electricians or who sub-contract work to other electrical contractors.

What is does is highlights any errors or electrical defects within a report or certificate within milli-seconds. It makes the certification process quick and easy.

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