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My name is Dan Jackson AKA Dans the Engineer. I am originally from Surrey in the UK, but I travel the world full time with my family and I am a business coach. I am a digital nomad!

I served an electrical apprenticeship in the UK, set up an electrical and fire alarm contractors aged 22 and grew it to £1.5 million turnover per annum within 8 years.

I sold my shares in my business so I could spend some much-needed precious time with my wife and two young children.

In this post, I am giving you some further background information about me, what I do and how I can help you. I may come across as a bit nuts, it might just be true!

Diving through the waves at Lucky Bay in Western Australia – The best Beach I have been to! – Instagram @danstheengineer

My clients come to me to help them grow their business, for personal development, marketing, sales, social media strategy and / or to create a better work life balance.

The reason they come to me is because I have been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, then sold the T-shirt.

I am not all talk and no trousers. Everything I teach or post online is from my own experience. I have evidence to prove it all. I have been featured in a variety of press articles including; The Independent, The Daily Fail, I mean Mail, the IET, Sparks Magazine and IFSEC Global.

I have had a colourful career in the electrical and fire industry. My experience is vast, I’ve worked all over the country in multiple sectors and I have relationships with world leading manufacturers, organisations and individuals. My career highlights include:

  • Being a founding member of the e5 Group
  • Becoming a fellow of the IET aged 30
  • Contributing to industry leading technical publication – Napit’s Codebreakers book
  • Tendering, being awarded and running fire alarm upgrade project of the prestigious 15th century grade I listed historical property – Knole House
  • Selling my business to achieve my dream – travelling the world

Life is full of hurdles and so is business. I wasn’t fortunate to have any mentors. All of my ups and downs came from first-hand experience including being knocked for £60k, winning a contract for the fire alarm upgrade of a 15th century historical property which I project managed, creating all of my own marketing techniques, employment and competing in a market full of cowboys and chancers!

I started blogging about parenting when my first child was born as I was up all night and had nothing better to do. I turned blogging into a business tool, which then developed into creating YouTube videos on my channel Dans the Engineer and regular social media content. All of which contributed to business success and personal development. It is likely you have found me and are reading this due to my knowledge on social media and marketing strategy.

Besides coaching I am a freelance author and content creator. It is work I can do remotely, and I love doing it. I write articles for media companies including technical content and content that will provoke engagement. I also create social media strategy plans for organisations.

Ethics are the forefront of my business morals. I used to treat people like shit! It was only when I had a child, my mindset completely changed and instead of treating staff like robots, I treated them like humans. Compassion goes a long way. I reduced staff turnover, increased morale, had less guys in my team but increased profits! I actively promote employers to reduce hours staff work to increase productivity. Yep, you heard me.

All my methods and techniques are self-taught, and I utilise them to help others. I provide another perspective to business owners because often the guys at the top have nobody to go to. I am that person. I believe in team work and believe collectively, more minds can produce so much more than one, providing communication, direction and ethos are aligned.

My core values are; keeping things SIMPLE, remembering we are HUMAN, and ALTERNATIVE thinking.

In my personal life, I have faced many challenges that we all tend to face in modern society but the big one for me was having such a crap work life balance. I worked like a dog for the majority of my working career with little gain. Now you’ll find me on the beach more than you will find me working #beachlife.

I believe in looking after myself both physically and mentally. Working smart is something that can be taught, and efficiency of individuals and companies is vital to increase profit and available TIME.

I believe time is more valuable than money, but you must go on a journey to find your opinion out yourself. Many of my clients come to me to help create a better work life balance and it is something I am very passionate about.

Exploring Wilson Prom, Victoria, Aus – Instagram @danstheengineer

I am vegan, I am a family man, I research a lot about the environment, I am a feminist (yes you heard me, I’ll explain more another time), I LOVE travel and believe we should show compassion to every being that roams this planet.

I invite you to follow my Instagram @danstheengineer where post about my day to day life to show you the man that lives an alternative lifestyle who many dream of. Honestly, it’s not that exciting. Well maybe sometimes, if you call swimming with sea turtles, seeing humpback whales, learning to trapeze, living in the Bajan jungle with a pack of dogs, being robbed by Mexican police, going inside an Icelandic glacier or randomly getting a boat from Alaska to San Diego, exciting. To me, it’s normal!

Although I have wild hair and I’m slightly crazy, I am honest, I am open minded, I am caring, I love to help people and I have very alternative views and tactics, I am actively working for many clients showing incredible results. Check out my reviews to find out what they say! My CV is also available upon request.

Running a business can be very personal at times and it has been critical to us rely on his level head, knowledge experience. Having Dan Jackson as a consultant has been an absolute asset to the company.Stephen Wallach20/09/2019
Dan has been coaching us since May this year and we can not thank him enough for his expertise, knowledge and experience, He has a positive outlook on work and life, and it’s fab to bounce ideas with a likeminded soul, we will continue to work with Dan and look forward to many more sessions and chats putting the electrical industry/world to right! Thank you DanChris Thompson23/07/2019
Would recommend dans service. Drops in little nuggets of information that get your thinking cogs going. No bs approach and no general management stuff, just brilliant info tailored to your businessneil robinson22/07/2019
I’ve known Dan for nearly three years and our relationship is built on trust and respect. Dan will go out of his way to help anyone in trouble and always offers sound advice. There are few people in the world who look after others, just because it’s the right thing to do, as such, Dan is always seen doing volunteer work online, or in person and trying to change the world around him for the better. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dan, as you will be in safe handsAdrian Davey20/07/2019
I approach Dan after watching some of his Youtube videos. We start chatting, and he helped me improve my business, the way I promote my work, how to offer better services for my customers, plus many more He is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and approachable. Don't hesitate to get in contact you won't regret it. Many thanks for all your valuables bits of advice, Dan.Laurentiu Martinescu07/07/2019
Dan provides so much value with his business coaching. It has helped me improve my sales technique which has led to greater profits and converting more surveys and estimates into orders. My business efficiency has increased.Harry Kellermann05/05/2019
I can’t say anything but great things about Dan. Both as a person and also the fantastic service he offers. Dan has gone above and beyond in helping me and I can’t thank him enough. His knowledge has helped me improve my business and more importantly helped me as a person which I think is something that is very rare to find. If you are considering Dan’s services I would stop considering and just get on board! Can’t thank you enough Dan!!Joe Cooper29/04/2019
I have been working with Dan and using his services as a business coach since February this year. His help, advice and knowledge within his expert field are second to none! He has a wealth of experience within the electrical and fire industry. Through his coaching sessions I have been able to ensure all the right processes and procedures are in place and have made some great connections! I highly recommend Dan to anybody seeking help within their business! Top man! I for sure will continues to use Dans coaching services, thanks Dan!Daniel Nickson25/04/2019
Dan has been mentoring me for some time now and I have been following him on YouTube for some time too. His knowledge and real life experience is very unique and his mentoring sessions allow me to look at my business as someone who is not only a tradesman but someone who runs a business, who has a family and other commitments . He has helped me work out my day rate, taught me how to deal with customers so I can attract the right customers and how I should always behave ethically whilst doing so. Thanks Dan for all your help, I will be continuing with our sessions as I have a lot to learn and Dan has a lot to teach.AMF Contractors13/04/2019
I've been taking mentoring from Dan and I am really impressed. His knowledge in contracting is incredible and his methods are genius. The focus is partly on my company but also my personal development and my whole outlook at work is different. I really enjoy work now. Dan has taught me how to attract the right people, employees, clients and general people around me!Scott McRae12/04/2019
I signed up for business coaching with Dan to expand my electrical contracting business. It helped me see my business in a different light. Overall It has been a very positive experience and I will be contacting Dan for some more sessions at some stage.Adam08/04/2019

If you ever want to reach out to me, hit the Whatsapp button at the bottom of this page and give me a shout. I might be on another time zone to you or up a mountain, so please be patient if I don’t get back to you quickly.

Best wishes

Written by Dan Jackson AKA Dans the Engineer in Rishikesh, India

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