Best Bank For Business And Sole Traders

Best bank for business and sole traders

Best Bank For Business And Sole Traders with Starling Bank. I have found an amazing bank for business and would love to share why I reckon you should consider using them for your business and personal banking.

Starling Business Banking
Starling Business Banking

Best Bank For Business And Sole Traders… I have finally found a UK bank that keeps up with the times and makes banking simple, easy and enjoyable…. Yes, I used the words banking and enjoyable in the same sentence!

Starling Bank is here, and I am so glad to have stumbled across them.

I found Starling Bank when I was preparing to leave the UK and was googling the best travel debit card. Starling popped up and when I looked into them, it sounded a little too good to be true; no charges for cash withdrawals or card payment abroad.

Opening an account is easy… Scroll down to find out how

To apply for an account, you just download the Starling app on Android or iOS, enter your phone number and click on the verification code that’s sent via SMS. With this, you’ll be able to create your account by filling some personal details and verifying your ID (using your passport is quicker but you can also use your drivers license).To confirm, verify your ID with a short recording of a selfie video. You’ll be approved once the credit checks are completed and your documents verified. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out the easiest way on how to open an account.

Best business bank

Digital banking through a mobile app

I love an app. I love simplicity. So, I was hooked in. Starling Bank is truly a digital bank and everything is done via the Starling Bank mobile app.

I was a little wary at first because I had never heard of them. They are not a high street bank but are featured on trusted websites such as I had a look at their T&Cs, I found out they’re fully regulated like any other bank. I was quickly reassured and opened a personal account

Bank for sole traders

I used the debit card and bank account whilst travelling which made managing my travel money really simple. The app is perfectly designed for ease of use. It looks good and functions well. I connected my personal account and joint account and I could swipe between the two. When me or my wife spend on the joint account, or I spend on my personal account I get a little notification. It makes tracking spending very easy in real time.

Starling travel bank card

The app shows a breakdown per category of spending so you can monitor how much you spend on items such as groceries or petrol. It is a doddle to transfer money and when you receive money, you get a notification.

Best travel bank card

Using Starling Bank is Easy

I have banked with many of the usual UK banks and have never been impressed. Nothing makes me want to remain loyal to any of them and all have made banking boring and a chore. Customer care has always been a huge issue when banking. Starling Bank is the opposite.

When I started my business – Dans the Engineer in 2018, I discovered that Starling Bank offered business banking! Timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Naturally I opened a business account. Because I had a personal account, it took seconds.

It is so easy to open an account. I cannot express how Starling Bank have nailed perfection where no other bank even comes close in comparison. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out the easiest way on how to open an account.

Best business banking

Personal, Joint, Business and Sole Trader Accounts

Starling Bank offer Sole Trader banking accounts as well as Business banking accounts. You can have your personal and business banking accounts on the app and can switch between them with ease. To get a statement, you press a few buttons and you can export a PDF or CSV file to your email or cloud drive. You can share your transactions with accounting software such as Xero and FreeAgent.

Guess what? The business banking is free. There is no monthly or setup fee to use the business banking. They don’t charge fees on electronic payments, domestic transfers, monthly account fees or ATM withdrawals if you have fewer than 10 employees and less than £1.7M annual turnover.

As they haven’t got any high street branches due to being a digital bank, you can pay in cash and cheques at over 11,500 post office branches across the country for a small fee.

They offer flexible overdrafts should you need it at a clear reasonable rate.

The Banking Customer Care Is Brilliant

I have had to call customer services a couple of times which is a London landline number to a British customer care team who were more than helpful. It was so refreshing to receive such great customer care for a bank! The online help chat is also brilliant.

Best Bank For Business And Sole Traders

Starling have really embraced bringing banking into the modern world. From the easy method of opening the account via the app, the way you take photos of your identification as proof of identity to the cool packaging when your debit card arrives, Starling Bank make the whole process fun.

As you can tell, I love this product and have been recommending them to family and friends for months. I now have the opportunity to recommend business banking to you.

This is the Best Bank For Business And Sole Traders and is perfect for owners of limited companies and the self-employed.

If you fancy opening an account, it is simple…

  1. Click the links below depending if you want to open a personal or business account
  2. Once through to the link, download the app for Android or iOS 3
  3. Open an account via the app using easy instructions
  4. Put at least a fiver in the account. You can also easily transfer your existing current or business account.

Click Here To Open A Business Account

Click Here To Open A Personal Account

Happy banking.

Written by Dan Jackson AKA Dans the Engineer

Let’s be open and honest: This blog post contains an affiliate link meaning that if you follow the link and end up opening a bank account with Starling Bank and credit funds into the new account, I earn a small commission. This has absolutely no favour on the content of this post as everything mentioned are my genuine thoughts. I use Starling Bank myself and I highly recommend it. I pride myself on honesty, clarity and highlighting the best products and services to my audience to help them develop their business. If you are thinking of changing bank accounts, using my link really helps me by giving me a small income to help produce free content to HELP YOU!! Please follow the instructions above on how to download the app and open the account.

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