Learn how to calculate your overheads, profit, margins, revenue and charge price. Easy, important, useful.

Estimating course how to work out what to charge

How To Work Out How Much To Charge

With this estimating course, understand and work out how much to charge your customers to earn the profit you desire. This estimating course gives a fantastic insight into your business figures which you can adjust to work out how much you need to charge to reach a certain profit margin. It includes a digital calculator where you can enter your overheads, wages and costs and it will calculate a charge price required to meet the profit you wish to make. It can be used time and time again so you can review your business calculations whenever needed.

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Self Study Course

The estimating course is self study. Follow easy step by step instructions


Download as a PDF and Excel spreadsheet and complete on your desktop, tablet or mobile device at your leisure

Estimated 6 hours

There are 13 sections to run through with 31 tasks to complete


Digital Calculator

Comes with a FREE digital calculator

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Who is this course for?

This easy to follow online course is for electricians, plumbers and tradesmen who want to breakdown the business figures to calculate how to work out how much to charge their customers. The course was designed due to the number of tradesmen who charge their customers and keep a track on estimated profitability, margins and expected revenue based on business running costs, overheads and wages.


The online electricians course and calculator was created by an electrician and business owner who used the methods to track business costs.

It allows for financial planning and budget forecasts as the cost of business increases as well as the cost of living.

Work out how much you should be charging your clients and how much profit you can make based on how much it costs to run your business.


Created by a tradesman to work out business calculations

Popular estimating course amongst electricians
Piggy Bank

Keep track of all important business expenses



The online estimating course is suitable for any tradesman or tradeswoman and has been used by heating engineers, hair dressers, mechanics, air conditioning engineers, and many more!

Suitable for business start ups or established companies.

Allows you to enter the wages of your staff to work out charge out rates.

Please note if you have more than 15 employees, please let us know beforehand.


Allows you to review your prices and plan your budget


Quick and easy to use saving you precious time

Paper Plane

A paperless course which is easy to use and can be utilised time and time again


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ONLY £49

How Does it Work?

Very Simple

I like keeping things simple and easy. 

The course can be downloaded and includes instructions and everything you need to know.

I am always happy to answer any questions you have.

Contact me via Whatsapp by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen or email me dan@danstheengineer.co.uk

We can discuss any questions you have about the course and if it is suitable for you. 

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The digital calculator will be sent to you and requires Microsoft Excel. I shall send you the password separately.

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